Australia: Almost everything right now has a greener, more environmentally-friendly substitute. Coffee shops have been adopting salvaged counter tops, cleaning products have turned chemical-free and books and other paper products such as toilet paper, now come in the ‘recycled’ version. In addition, cars have been manufactured to fit the needs of a greener society, which in turn reduces our vehicles carbon footprint and helps us create a greener earth, hypothetically. However, with oil prices still weighing heavily on our wallets, and the knowledge that even hybrid vehicles need electricity in order to recharge, owning a car continues to be a burden both for consumers and the environment.

What adds to this is that although there are greener alternatives to fossil fuel and gasoline-fueled cars, such as bio-diesel and electric hybrids but the fact still remains that the production of these vehicles and their fuel source still make a detrimental impact on our earth’s atmosphere through carbon emissions; this is where a simple and practical solution comes in: Bicycles.

In Australia alone, 50% of the population own a bicycle and as much as 17% of these individuals ride their bikes once a week. Needless to say the popularity of cycling has shot up as the price of gasoline has. Using pedal-power is a far more effective way to not only stay healthy, but cut back significantly on your consumption of fossil fuels. In 2011 alone, almost 1.2 million bicycles were sold all around Australia. Just imagine if all those 1.2 million bike users decided to ditch their cars and get to where they needed to be using only the power of their own two feet; it would be a day of less pollution and more savings.

With gas prices hitting an all-time high this year, along with Australia’s increasing obesity epidemic, there is no better time to start cycling than now. The increasing popularity of cycling events like Ride2WorkDay where people ditch their cars for short commutes to work or to wherever they need to go, just shows that collective thought and the efforts of everyday people can make a big difference to the ‘health’ of our planet.

Bike manufacturers have responded greatly to this phenomenon by introducing higher quality bikes at more affordable prices. Whether you’re a professional athlete, a free-spirited hippy or simply a casual rider, you can now find the right bicycle at the click of a button. We not only encourage you to join the bicycle revolution, but to buy one online so you don’t have to get into your car to purchase one. Such online retailers in Australia include Bicycles Online and BSS Direct. Now is your chance to contribute to a healthier planet and a healthier you, two wheels at a time